Thursday, September 10, 2009

Let's Jump

After looking for a sponsor for months, Andy Wolff and Hideous have now released their first Flixel endeavor, titled Let's Jump. In this game, you control a man that decides to jump off of random flying objects (sometimes, even turtles), and shoot down birds, bees, and even pterodactyls! Let's Jump has some nice graphics which really fit with the simple nature of the game, and the music is really well done. I guarantee the ingame music will get stuck in your head. Since the game is on Kongregate, you can expect online highscores and all that good stuff. Play Let's Jump, it's awesome.

Play at Kongregate

Monday, September 7, 2009

Run for It 3: Chaos in the Office

Created for Robosquid's Main Competition #3, JaJ is at it again with a sequel to the popular Run for it series. You play as a little man with glasses, running away from his troubles at the office. That wont be a simple task though, because robo-secretaries, monkey-like robots, and men with spiky hair want to destroy you! Players can jump on the baddies' heads, or throw pencils at them by pressing Z. It's a really fun game, with a colorful, cute graphic style, and really catchy chiptune music. The addition of online highscores also sweetens the pot, so play this game already!