Monday, September 7, 2009

Run for It 3: Chaos in the Office

Created for Robosquid's Main Competition #3, JaJ is at it again with a sequel to the popular Run for it series. You play as a little man with glasses, running away from his troubles at the office. That wont be a simple task though, because robo-secretaries, monkey-like robots, and men with spiky hair want to destroy you! Players can jump on the baddies' heads, or throw pencils at them by pressing Z. It's a really fun game, with a colorful, cute graphic style, and really catchy chiptune music. The addition of online highscores also sweetens the pot, so play this game already!


1 comment:

noonat said...

Haha, I've not seen this series before. This one is quite addicting... DAMNABLE YOUNGINS AND THEIR SPIKY HAIRCUTS.