Friday, April 24, 2009

Naked Festival

[Warning: This game contains nudity]
Okay, this is a strange browser game. By using the mouse, you have to take off the underpants of wandering men. If you click anywhere else than the mens' underpants, you lose. There are "Heavy" and "Crazy" modes, to keep the gameplay fresh. Heavy mode adds more men to click, with the color of the screen filter changing depending on which color underwear you take off. Crazy mode adds to the madness, by laying another filter over the screen, except this time the filter follows the mouse, brightens the screen, and duplicates itself over and over again with each click. There are also online highscores, so you can see how you rank with other underwear thieves.

Play it Here

Monday, April 20, 2009


Deathbeam, made by Noonat for Ludum Dare 14, pits you in the middle of an alien attack with only a jet thruster. Throughout the game, there in an alien mothership, whose rays will destroy anything in its path. It's your job to transport people, scientists, and even The President, to the teleporters, trying to get the highest score you can. Here is a visual representation of how to play the game.

Deathbeam has a nice minimalistic style that works well with the game's simple gameplay. The gradient purple background adds an atmospheric touch as well. There is also a Mac build, so all you Mac users wont miss out on the action.

Download (Windows)
Download (Mac)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Made for the 14th Ludum Dare competition, Auntie Pixelante's Tombed pits you inside of a tomb, of course, with only your shovel and quick reflexes to guide you. There's also a bit of a puzzle aspect to the game as well. If you dig into blocks that are the same and clustered together, you can destroy all of the matching blocks in that cluster, saving you a lot of time. For graphics, the game has a great retro style, from the colorful blocks, to the protagonist, to even the big wall of spikes. This game is just great fun.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Interview: Jan Willem Nijman (JW)

It's been a while since I've had an interview with an Indie developer, so when I had the chance to interview JW, I jumped at it! Here are my questions to the developer of Pro Killer Man, 10800 Zombies, 4hRPG, and many more freeware games.

Why did you want to make games?

I read about game maker in some random kid’s computer magazine when I was about 11. Downloaded it, and didn't understand shit. 2 years later I found gm again and started editing example games (speed racer with guns, etc.). I just sort of rolled into it. I was never a hardcore gamer but I just really liked being able to make whatever you wanted.

About how many games have you created?

I started 50 million, turned into something proper about 200, finished +- 20, around 5 of which aren't minigames.

What would you say is your most famous game?

Pro killer man and 10800 zombies got the most attention. Pro killer man is sort of smoother, but 10800 zombies is bigger. They both had tons of reviews and were featured in some magazines. The game I like most myself is super ninja hunter. It was semi-epic, had good boss fights, a nice setting, but rather bugged and was never properly released outside yoyogames.

Some of your older games have sported a colorful, shaded type of style. Why did you make the change to your now signature style?

That's basically because I'm lazy and it's easy to make, but I do try different styles now and then. I'm just no great artist so don't expect awesome pixel art from me. I'm probably able to make pretty shaded stuff, but I'm just too impatient for that. It's probably that the stuff I make without outlines looks ugly, and when I use outlines it quickly looks like most things I make.

What games are you working on at the moment?

I have 3 "real" projects that I work on now and then, some times more actively then others: Test Monkey, Quest for glorious money (4hRPG) and Explorer.

Could you explain a bit about Test Monkey and Explorer?

Test Monkey is basically a puzzle platformer. You are a sad monkey being manipulated by the people who test you. You could say it's slightly inspired by portal, on how player's don't really care about the story and what is being said, but still think they do. I'm just making levels for this, story and all (don't kill the president!) is completed, so it should pop out some day.

Explorer is just plain old platform exploration. It has crazy npc's and items, and is pretty big. I’m not sure how it'll look eventually, but I want to change quite a bit.

What are some of your favorite indie developers, and why?

Well, there is ikiki. He made Nikujin which is one of the best games I've ever played. I have no idea what kind of guy he is, but his games are always crazy and good. Then there is darthlupi. People sort of forgot him but he is still kicking ass, while being married at the same time. I really like what wolfire games is doing, except for the furry shit. I loved black shades. Everybody should play it. Also, there is the poppenkast. People shouldn't see us as elitist bastards who bully all the small indies and get away with crappy shit all the time, but we are just elitist bastards who bully all the small indies.

You can find More of JW's games on his site,

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Meat Boy Ad

It speaks for itself, really.


Since I made 2 posts about Meat Boy, (Wiiware Preview, My Map Pack Level) You can clearly see that I am a big fan of Edmund Mcmillen's challenging platformer. So when I heard about the new designs to Meat Boy, I had to take a look! Apparently, there were a couple of redesigns to Meat Boy that I was unaware about, making my "Meat Boy Preview" post out of date. So, I saw the new design. It looked great, and watching the new and improved Meat Boy scurry around made me very delighted.

But, looking further across the animations, I couldn't help but see a little moving speck in the corner. I zoomed in the image to see what that speck was... He seemed familiar... Possibly from a recently released PC port maybe?

Friday, April 10, 2009


For the very purpose of this review, I have called KISSMA a ksmup, or kiss-em up if you will. This game is a mix of weird and awesome at the same time! You play as a bizarre lady named KISSKO, a woman that will do extreme acts just so she could kiss everybody, from, turning into a giant kiss robot, a kiss ninja, to even an entire kiss bar, that has jet thrusters, a kiss cannon, and another guy at the bar. Yeah, this game is crazy like that. Sound wise, I find this game a bit funny, actually really funny. The game features a man doing the voice of KISSKO, so as you can imagine, something sounds really off. Music wise, I'd have to say that it's a bit simplistic... I didn't say it wasn't catchy though. Really this game is a tad basic, but it really shines in all of the things KISSKO can turn into. I like this one, a lot.

Play it Here

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Coiner

On the GMC and TIGSource forums, you might have already known that this game came out, but I was only waiting for this awesome boxart from Madamluna. I posted about her here. The Coiner is actually an entry into The Poppenkast's 4 Hour Competition, where the theme was money. The game had numerous changes, starting from tightening the controls, making the random generations better, to finally, changing the games style. All in all, I completed a solid game in around 5 hours.

Z key = Destroy Rocks (-3 score)
X key = Transport coin to ship (When coin is on beacon)
C key = Stand Still (Used for aiming beacon)

After collecting all of the coins in a stage, run back to your ship to move on to the next level!

Play at Yoyogames

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Super Cockpit Football Fighters

Do you like soccer, then try Super Cockpit Football fighters. Do you not like soccer, then play Super Cockpit Football fighters. An entry in the TIGSource Cockpit competition, Genericuser's physics-based soccer, or football game, is really fun to play. Although the controls are mapped in such a way that one player can play as both sides, this game is a 2 player must. You simply cannot get the same experience (Hitting your friend in the face, so he doesn't win) playing by yourself, so grab a buddy, and play Super Cockpit Football Fighters. (Did I repeat the title enough?)


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sword Calibre

Sword Calibre is an awesome retro action platformer from Thernz, where you slash, wall kick, and even hadouken your way through countless enemies, and saving people from your town. This game is hard. Even when you are walking, you have to beware of hidden spike traps, as well as the one of the baddies that shoot 3 huge blasts from themselves. Don't even get me started on the final boss! The graphics are fantastic, whether it be on the enemies and characters, or on the stages themselves. The music is just what you would expect, good old fashioned chiptune. For being made in 5-6 hours, this game is simply a blast to play.

A: Jump
A, A: Air Dash
A near Wall: Wall Kick
S: Slash
Up+S: Hadouken