Sunday, November 29, 2009

4hrpg Forums Now Open

Remember JW? That Game Maker developer that uses a simplistic style and has a heart of gold? Well, his longest running project to date, 4hrpg, now has it's own forums! Players that sign up to the forums will get early access to future builds of the game, as well as other rewards. People who donate over $4.99 to JW will receive the super rare, "filthy rich" class, and every player who donates will earn themselves a spot in the credits.

4hrpg is honestly a really cool RPG, and it's been great to see it improve over these past couple months. It features around 12 classes which all have their own unique abilities and weapons, and since the game is randomly generated, every time you play will be a new experience.

4hrpg Forums

Donate to JW

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