Monday, February 1, 2010


Okay, finally, something worth posting about... I've just now finished and submitted my entry for Gamma IV called string (un-capitalization included). It uses a gameplay mechanic that's been inhabiting my head for quite some time. Wrapping around things to destroy them, or in this case, decompile them. When the guys at Kokoromi say it's okay, I'll put up a download link. Until then, keep drooling (I hope).

In other news (And to post some more pretty pictures), I've just made some fanart for Amon26's game, The Hunt (Which deserves your attention). To fully understand what I drew up, I'll make a comparison...

Here's a screen shot of the actual game:

And, here's what I drew:

What!? There's even more news!? Yes, there is. Sadly, my partner Mirosurabu dropped out of development for the flash port of Constellation Chaos, so I'm getting my good friend Andy Wolff to port the game, and, it's coming along actually quite nicely. If you don't know who Andy Wolff is, you should be ashamed (Well, not too much). He's made quite some good games, as well as Cybersolip and Sewers, two games that I featured a while ago. So, I hope you enjoyed this post (It might be a while before you see another). Check out the links!

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