Friday, February 6, 2009


Worstplayer's Generic Arena Shmup, or GAS for short, is a really fun shoot em up, that does not at all live up to it's name. The graphics overall are very detailed and polished, and the game plays very smoothly. There are 3 types of ships to choose from: One that is well balanced in both speed and attack, one that is very fast, but does not have a lot of attack power, and one that it heavy in attack power, but has very poor speed. There are also numerous enemies in which you can fight, ranging from asteroids, to dragon-like baddies, to laser shooting fiends. This game is a blast, and I highly recommend that you play it.



Banov said...

Nice suggestion! I agree, it is a pretty cool game. Looking forward for more good games!

jw said...

looking good, will play soon!

maybe you should use tags? like tigs has with "highly recommended"

jw said...

ok that was boring, game was just too easy and slow