Saturday, February 28, 2009


Pixeloids4k is a puzzle game developed by Morre, and created for this year's Java4k contest. The game shows off some minimalistic graphics, with the gameplay being relatively innovative. While starting the game, you are presented with a pile of goo, and a target built of dotted lines. Your goal is to click the mouse to push 95 percent of the pixelated goo into the target zone, and keep it in place for five seconds. After levels progress the game gets increasingly difficult to master. For a game with a maximum size of 4KB, Pixeloids4k is a challenging, and very solid puzzle game.



Sebastian said...

This is awesome

El Gallo Negro said...


My name is Marco and I work for GameSpot. I wanted to know if I could get this in a .exe file so I can upload it on GameSpot and Feature you on our indie spotlight blog? Great Work!

David S. said...

Hello Marco, I'm sorry but I am afraid there is not an .exe version of this game.