Saturday, May 23, 2009

Constellation Chaos

Constellation Chaos is a challenging arcade game with a simple concept: You destroy enemies and gain points by creating constellation trails. Using Z and X keys, (Or left and right mouse clicks) players control the trajectory of a small white astronaut by tilting it's aim cursor left or right. Releasing either key will shoot your astronaut into empty space until he hits a star. There's a bit of a strategic element to this game, as players have to rely on their timing, and their creativity, to create the best constellation trail possible. Right and left arrow keys can now control your cursor.


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Fabu said...

Doesn't work with Vista. ;-)
missing bgm.dll

ninjutsu63 said...

It worked for me on Vista. Very nice job. It was pretty entertaining, but it didn't last long.

ortoslon said...

Please disallow big asteroids spawning near the player. It feels like an unfair instadeath.

ortoslon said...

Also, please add a way (maybe command line option) to remove the flickering scanlines effect. It hurts my eyes.