Monday, August 31, 2009

Calling All Artists!

Hello to all of my readers! I decided to make a little competition for my next project, Cool Men. Basically, just make an awesome fanart wallpaper for the game. The top 3 wallpaper artists will receive an early build of Cool Men! If you don't know what the game looks like, watch my previous video. You have until September 30th to get your art into the competition.

Send all of your art to: scattleware (at)

Good luck!

Also, I've made a Twitter account, so if I don't make a new post in a while, you'll know I'm not dead.


ninjutsu63 said...

Any restrictions on size or style?

David S. said...

Well, style wise, I don't care, but don't just make it a stick figure please :)

As for the size, the smallest should be 800x600. Biggest should be 1152x864

Homem Robô said...
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Homem Robô said...

dude, show more! this game looks awesome