Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Assassin Blue

Banov's action platformer, Assassin Blue, was one of the most fun, and polished games I've seen so far on the GMC. Blue has a unique "Rough around the edges" style, that fits the game perfectly, and a very well made story. You play as an assassin codenamed "Blue", that will wall jump, slash, and defeat any obstacle in his path. There are 12 stages and tons of things to unlock in the game's bonus store. This is a definite download for anyone who loves action platforming games, and anyone in general.



Alexitrón said...

This one is just beautiful Banov.I'm supposed to be working an hour ago.Will play some more when I get back home.
The platform engine is flawless so far.The art and animations are all very nice.The combat is really well done.First boss was just great with QTE finishing moves and everything. The bonus shop is a great plus too.
I'm full of envy right now .
Great job Banov!

Banov said...

Thanks! It's good to see my hard work payed off.