Friday, January 2, 2009

BlasterMan Vs. YellowSkull

Alexitron, creator of The Power and Jet Pod, and master of trial and error games, has once again delivered a small addicting platformer called BlasterMan Vs. YellowSkull. This is very a hard game with minimalistic and clever level design. The gameplay seems more reminisent of Megaman games, while having it's own special style. The game also has multiple save and checkpoints, so players won't get too frustrated. This is a solid platformer and I highly recommend giving it a try.

Download at Yoyogames


faridah said...

Your site name is very unique..what's the mean? please visit my blog

Scattle said...

Just read the "About Me". :)

Alexitrón said...

I am the master of trial and error games . WOOOOOOO!! I'm so proud of myself.:)