Monday, January 5, 2009

Galaxy Attackers

Galaxy Attackers is a new game by the creator of 10800 Zombies and Pro Killer Man, Jan Willem Nijman. The gameplay feels more like a revamped version of Space Invaders with a minimalistic style. You try to outlast the alien race by blasting them down with a turret that moves 360 degrees. After killing enough attackers and gaining enough cash, you can buy upgrades at the shop (Weapons, better bases, planets, etc.). This is a fun little game to pick up and play, and there are enough upgrades, to make it have some replayability.

Download at Yoyogames

1 comment:

Alexitrón said...

Love the presentation , sounds and music.Nice stylish graphics and effects.
I'm having a bit of a hard time getting the hang of it,but I hasn't played much.I suggest some sort of radar to make it a bit easier to find the enemies because spinning the planet around a lot will make me dizzy eventually.I would love to see those enemies explode into pixels as well as leaving me behind some cash.

Will play some more later when I'm done with Gauntlet , yes. Keep it up!