Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sword Calibre

Sword Calibre is an awesome retro action platformer from Thernz, where you slash, wall kick, and even hadouken your way through countless enemies, and saving people from your town. This game is hard. Even when you are walking, you have to beware of hidden spike traps, as well as the one of the baddies that shoot 3 huge blasts from themselves. Don't even get me started on the final boss! The graphics are fantastic, whether it be on the enemies and characters, or on the stages themselves. The music is just what you would expect, good old fashioned chiptune. For being made in 5-6 hours, this game is simply a blast to play.

A: Jump
A, A: Air Dash
A near Wall: Wall Kick
S: Slash
Up+S: Hadouken



jw said...

it is awesome, yeah :)

now make more posts! :D this blog is always fun when something is posted, but you need to post more

wella said...

cool little micro review!

this is a great blog, but as jw said, keep posting.