Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Coiner

On the GMC and TIGSource forums, you might have already known that this game came out, but I was only waiting for this awesome boxart from Madamluna. I posted about her here. The Coiner is actually an entry into The Poppenkast's 4 Hour Competition, where the theme was money. The game had numerous changes, starting from tightening the controls, making the random generations better, to finally, changing the games style. All in all, I completed a solid game in around 5 hours.

Z key = Destroy Rocks (-3 score)
X key = Transport coin to ship (When coin is on beacon)
C key = Stand Still (Used for aiming beacon)

After collecting all of the coins in a stage, run back to your ship to move on to the next level!

Play at Yoyogames

1 comment:

Banov said...

Very solid, very cool... especially for the time limit given. I've already told you a lot about it, so no need to get into depth again :)