Friday, April 10, 2009


For the very purpose of this review, I have called KISSMA a ksmup, or kiss-em up if you will. This game is a mix of weird and awesome at the same time! You play as a bizarre lady named KISSKO, a woman that will do extreme acts just so she could kiss everybody, from, turning into a giant kiss robot, a kiss ninja, to even an entire kiss bar, that has jet thrusters, a kiss cannon, and another guy at the bar. Yeah, this game is crazy like that. Sound wise, I find this game a bit funny, actually really funny. The game features a man doing the voice of KISSKO, so as you can imagine, something sounds really off. Music wise, I'd have to say that it's a bit simplistic... I didn't say it wasn't catchy though. Really this game is a tad basic, but it really shines in all of the things KISSKO can turn into. I like this one, a lot.

Play it Here


Banov said...

I keep getting "lowest kiss class"... :p

But it's pretty fun, I love the kiss powerups and the whole ksmup concept. Voice was amazing. Good stuff!

jw said...

kissma is awesome

maybe put somewhere that a game is flash/downloadable, I'd have played this earlier if I knew it was flash.