Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Invertfire is an arena shmup from the creator of Social Experiment, Polkadot, and Sworrd Buster, Andrew Brophy. The game is actually a remake of one of Brophy's older games, titled Colourmewithfirepower. Invertfire has your standard arena shmup, but with added colorful and somewhat bright effects. Players shoot enemies using the mouse and WASD, and by doing so, send the square-shaped baddies into the opposite direction, killing them and creating a bright streak of color. Powerups to your ship's guns and shields can be obtained by shooting at them as well. This game is pretty fun, and it's really cool to see all of the colors onscreen. Press F9 to take a screenshot of your masterpiece/massacre.



Jazmeister said...

Here's the link. Here's the slightly cheekier link for any readers unable to play without the first link.

Jazmeister said...

I'm an idiot, and heeeere's the link.