Friday, July 10, 2009

Alexitron's Journey to Learn GML

Wow, I am bad at this game... Oh, yes, the review! Alexitron's Journey to Learn GML is a little platformer from the developer of The Power, and Shocker: The Electrifying Super Hero. In this game, you play as the brave Alexiton, and slay countless beasts of Drag and Drop origin. I found the game to be a bit funny, since I use Game Maker, and perhaps other users of Mark Overmars' game development tool will find it to be humorous as well. The game features 20 levels of platforming glory, and the game itself is a pretty fun time waster, so give it a shot.

Play at Game Jolt


Alexitrón said...

Thanks for the review and for the YouTube video Scattle . I'm glad that you enjoyed this little learning experiment .

DevilGOD said...

Its pretty fun game. Keep it up bro.