Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Sqr, made by Andy Wolff, is an interesting shmup, with all of the graphics in the game being squares. The goal in this game, is to survive for as long as you can. The enemies in sqr are more like obstacles, with each one moving in specific patterns, forcing the player to choose their moves wisely. Bullets autofire from your quadrilateral ship, as well as another blue square that follows it. Holding Z will shoot a laser in the direction of that blue square and Holding X will charge a cluster of shots to the blue square, thus releasing X to discharge the cluster of shots. Use the R key to restart the game. Sqr has a fantastic style. Although all squares, the design seems somewhat smooth, and very pleasing to the eye. Check this game out, it's really great fun.



andy said...
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andy said...

Hey scattle, thanks a lot for the review. I really appreciate it

beef said...

it's a great game, andy, i like it!