Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some Oldies

I haven't made a post in a while, so while I'm busy working on Project SHELD, (Now titled Cool Men), enjoy some of these games/WIPS I made a while back.

I made this game in around 1-2 hours for some competition at the poppenkast I don't really remember. Use the arrow keys and Z to reach the flag at each of the (2) stages. Download

I made this ASCII-sorta game also in 1-2 hours for something... Use the mouse wheel to select your tracks, left mouse button to place them, and right mouse button to delete. pressing enter will let the level play out, space bar will activate slo-mo, and pressing R will restart the stage. Download

This game, called Flight of Madine, was a small boss shmup, with drag and drop mechanics. Unfortunately, I never really got around to making a second boss, or more cool drag and drop abilities. Use the left mouse button to drag your ship and to shoot. If you are damaged, release left mouse button to drop your ship, and restore health (Only when the purple circle is large enough). Download

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Alexitrón said...

Flight of Madine was promising IMO . But I really want to play your new game so I'm glad that you dropped these ones .