Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rabbit Wants Cake

Rabbit Wants Cake is an addictive Platform/Puzzle browser game by John Cooney, which asks players to control a rabbit that loves cake. This game has your standard "get to the goal" gameplay, but with a few neat tricks up it's sleeve. For one, you don't actually control the rabbit right away. You have to record your movement ahead of time, and then play it back to see how the rabbit moved and jumped around the stage. If you happen to die, or not make it to your precious cake, you can re-record, and even tweak your recordings on the time line, to fit to the level's layout. There are 25 stages, each with one delicious slice of cake to eat, so it should take players around an hour to complete. This is a really fun game, that has a great idea, nice music, and good looking simple graphics. That's a winner to me, so check this game out.

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Alexitrón said...

The freshest game I've played in a wile . Very heavy on trail an error but that is fine with me . Fun and funny . Another great find Scattle .Keep it up !